Who are the Arcturians?


The Arcturians are the new and (now) incredibly popular kid at school, and rightfully so. They are what we collectively strive to become.

Who are the Arcturians?

Arcturians are a Galactic civilization renowned for their ability to heal instantly. This is possible because they’ve grasped one concept. They know thoughts become things and have mastered the manifestation ability to do this instantly. Thoughts becoming things is a concept that humans are picking up on in the masses now. Products are entering the marketplace infused with Arcturian healing, and they are powerfully effective! The products are profound because the Arcturians have mastered the conscious mind and the energy it controls.

The Arcturians believe in and use their 6th sense. The 6th sense is a direct way to “talk” with universal energies/entities. Because they are tapped in constantly, they’re able to manifest instantly. This means the Arcturians are one with the Universe entirely. It’s also how the Arcturians infuse healings or upgrades in meditations and activations. They send the “information” energetically through a person via channeling. Like a computer hosting a program waiting to run, they imprint a healing template onto the channeled product that runs once the activation or meditation starts.

Why Help Us?

They are interested in helping the human race ascend. Because they live in the 5th & 6th dimensions, they vibrate on the frequency of love and compassion. They know how amazing it is to live in such a way, and they want that for us. The Arcturians work with psychics and healers to uplevel the world as quickly as possible.

Products infused with their energy are selling like crazy right now because they work. The Arcturians deliver amazing results because of what they’re able to do. And they are incredible to work with. You can FEEL their power when you experience a product infused with their energy. If you haven’t tried an activation or meditation they’ve worked on, I recommend you do. You won’t be disappointed.

Have you ever worked with the Arcturians or tried a product infused with their healing? Share your experience with them in the comments!


The Arcturians help us live more fulfilled lives. You can increase your psychic abilities and chances to naturally connect with the Arcturians by activating your DNA with the Sacred DNA Restructure Method®. DNA activated with the restructure method last indefinitely, compared to activations not grounded into the physical body, which fade over time.

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