Wanna activate your money flow?

This Money Meditation is what I use to realign cosmically.

You move from the state of lack (fear) to abundance (love) each time you listen to it. It’s what I use to jumpstart my abundance flow.

There’s a subtle vibration to it that works on your energetic level, to raise it, placing you in alignment with your lake of abundance. And once the dam is opened, there’s no stopping the flow!

It’s my gift to you because I want you to look at your bank account with a smile on your face and gratitude in your heart, not in fear! Having money is a good thing, and I want you to have all of the good things in life, especially money. Most importantly, I want you aligned with the vibration of love and happiness because that’s where we’re able to create the most magnificent things!

My name’s Sam, also known as the Star Shaman, DNA Activatrix and Restructurista.

I create amazing channeled meditations, work with the physical and spiritual DNA of those who are ready to unlock the cosmic power trapped within, and generally lift people up into higher vibrations as often as possible.

My goal is to restructure and activate over 1,000,000 people ready to level up, as they say, and I create everything with the highest quality. I’m all about the good vibes over here, and that includes money!

My name is Samantha Bearden, and I am your Star Shaman, DNA Activatrix and Restructurista. What I do is amazing and transformative for every single person I work with, be it through meditations, activations, or teaching.

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