Who are the Arcturians?

  The Arcturians are the new and (now) incredibly popular kid at school, and rightfully so. They are what we collectively strive to become. Who are the Arcturians? Arcturians are a Galactic civilization renowned for their ability to heal instantly. This is possible...

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100 Ways to Raise Your Vibe

Science has shown that happier people enjoy more pleasant interactions with others, especially in romantic relationships, and tend to be less neurotic (1). In fact, there’s no cap on the level of happiness you feel. Even if you are happy now, you can be even happier...

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#1 Method to Receiving Love from the Universe

When the Universe showers you in love, you’re offered a world of opportunities. This method shows you how easy receiving love is, so that you get what makes you happy. Imagine what your life would be like right now if everything started working out in your favor. You...

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Where the F@#k is My Abundance?!

Manifesting abundance can be pretty damn frustrating, and it takes FOREVER to appear, right?  You do what all the gurus tell you to do to reach beyond the hidden veil and take the health, wealth, and happiness they say is divinely yours. You’ve tried it all, but nothing. What do you do now? The answer is so easy, you’ll laugh.

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Why DNA Activation Up to 12 Strands Matters

DNA activation was once a natural progression humans experienced after incarnation. We should all be able to activate DNA up to 12 strands, but we aren’t. We don't have the capability to do it ourselves anymore. Activating the DNA is a fundamental right that we have...

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Samantha Bearden

My name is Samantha Bearden, and I am your Star Shaman, DNA Activatrix and Restructurista. What I do is amazing and transformative for every single person I work with, be it through meditations, activations, or teaching.


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