When the Universe showers you in love, you’re offered a world of opportunities. This method shows you how easy receiving love is, so that you get what makes you happy.

Imagine what your life would be like right now if everything started working out in your favor. You could finally take an actual vacation, not a staycation, anywhere around the world. The job promotion you’ve been working hard for is finally offered. Your kids suddenly stop acting like escaped monkeys from the zoo. Ok, the last one might be a stretch. But in a world full of possibilities, let’s not discount anything.

Everything sounds great. You want all the nice things of the world. All the happiness and fun and laughter. So, how do you get the Universe to notice you, to give you that love, love, baby? What do you have to do?

Step 1:  Do nothing

This is counter-intuitive, right? I can hear you now saying, “what do you mean do nothing? I already do that and nothing’s changed.” Let me explain.

I’m a mom x 3. I’m currently going through the pre-kinder years with my youngest, and oh man. There some rough days, for sure. Parents, you KNOW…

But, through the snot and tears, I wouldn’t give him up for the world. A parent’s love cannot be described. To call it unconditional does it a disservice. The love for significant others, family, friends, and pets are important in life. But the love a parent has for their child exists beyond the confines of our reality.

This Universe has parental love for you. It loves you brighter than the sun, deeper than the ocean, more expansive than the galaxies. It wants you to succeed in every facet of life.

This Universe has parental love for you. It loves you brighter than the sun, deeper than the ocean, more expansive than the galaxies. Click To Tweet

So, you don’t have to do anything. The Universe already loves you immensely. You can have what you want when you want it.

Why aren’t you getting what you want then?

You’re likely not attracting as much of it as you think you are. Love, happiness, joy all live on a higher frequency than sadness, jealousy, and anger. And like attracts like. Now, I’m not saying you walk around a grump all the time, and that’s why you’re not receiving what you want in life (or are you?). You might be hovering above lower frequencies or flip-flopping back and forth. Doing this attracts a mix of both high and low energy to you. This isn’t bad, but you want to be happier more often, right?

To attract higher energy more often, you have to start doing higher energy activities. Click To Tweet

Step 2:  Participate in higher frequency activities

The best way of doing this, is by returning love to the Universe, and there are many ways to do it. You can:

  • Donate part of your earnings to those in need
  • Assist at a soup kitchen or local food pantry
  • Volunteer to care for the animals at the SPCA
  • Compliment anyone and everyone, at least once a day
  • Smile at those walking by
  • Share the beauty of the world around you
  • Meditate

For more high vibe activity ideas, read 100 Ways to Raise your Vibe.



If it makes you happy and uplifts spirits, do it.

Loving other energetic forms is loving the Universe, and it notices when you love it. (I mean, you notice when you’re loved, right?). In doing so, you place yourself on the same wavelength as joy. This also happens to be where abundance and prosperity hang out. Boom! You are now receiving love from the Universe (you always were; you’re just more open to it now).

My favorite way of showing love:

Because love and abundance make me happy, I send out love and wishes for success in my morning routine. I have my own meditation for this task I’ve dubbed my Create Your Day meditation. I love setting my day up for success and helping others out in the process by doing this meditation.

Here’s how I do it. You can copy it verbatim or change it up to make it your own. As long as you’re getting the gist of sending out love in your meditation, you’re good.

Create Your Day Meditation 1. Sit or lie down 2. Close your eyes & take 3 deep, slow breaths 3. Envision a bubble of healing energy forming from in your heart 4. Expand the bubble out 20-30 feet around you 5. Declare that anyone encountering that space is blessed with love, good intentions & success 6. Declare that anyone thinking about you during the day is sent a wave of love and good vibes 7. Bless anything that leaves your possession that day, especially money 8. Bring your attention back to your body 9. When ready, open your eyes

This, my lovelies, is how to get the Universe to notice you and lavish on the affection—by loving it. And in loving the Universe, your life, and everything in it, you’re a beacon for receiving love right back. It is that simple. Try it out! At the very least, you’re starting your day with happiness.


Whether it’s Monday or Friday, a little love sets you up to have the best day yet
(and for those around you)!

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