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I am excited to help you work through your healing journey. For today, I’m gifting you this amazing meditation to clear your money blocks.

You visiting this page is no coincidence. The power that lies dormant within you is stirring. Perhaps you can feel it. It knows what it needs to be released, and it’s led you right to where you need to be to make that happen.

The answer to your questions, the solution to your quandaries, is The DNA Activation and Restructure Method®. This method releases your inner power to allow you the ability to make your big dreams come true, the ones that seemed out of reach before.

The DNA Activation & Restructure Method® is for those who are ready to step up and step out, for those who know they are meant for things far beyond their comprehension, for those who are ready to really help people and make a difference in circles far and wide. Unlocking and grounding your ethereal DNA into the physical world ignites your psychic abilities and propels your manifesting abilities forward with momentum that will leave you in awe.

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The time is now. I’m here to connect you with the person you are meant to be, to connect the missing links that are holding you and your dreams back. I’m Samantha Bearden, your Star Shaman, DNA Activatrix and Restructurista, and your DNA is urging you to stop stalling. It knows what it wants when it wants it. I know because I went through the activation process myself.

I offer several products suited to your massive upleveling desires ranging from incredibly effective meditations to The Sacred DNA Restructure Method® Course, that allows you to heal and unlock the power within your own clients. Work with me, and set your inner power free.

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My name is Samantha Bearden, and I am your Star Shaman, DNA Activatrix and Restructurista. What I do is amazing and transformative for every single person I work with, be it through meditations, activations, or teaching.

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