Are you ready to Transform your Life?

Unlock the immense power within you. The key is the Sacred DNA Restructure Method®

If you’ve been waiting for THE Spiritual JAM that will knock your socks off and rock your world, it has arrived!

The Sacred DNA Restructure Method® is serious and powerful, meant for those who know it’s time to level up and stop playing small. If you’re reading this, it’s meant for you.

I’m Samantha Bearden, and my job as a Star Shaman, DNA Activatrix & Restructurista is to help you reach that next level by activating and restructuring your DNA.

I connect the physical strands of DNA with the etheric strands and remove lifetimes of seals and unnatural implants, eradicate diseases in the DNA, and activate your psychic abilities.

The activation is then grounded into the physical and ethereal being (you) to lock the activation in eternally. Without restructuring, the activation will dissipate and need to be done time and again.

The 12-strand Sacred DNA Restructure is for everyone. Activating at least 12 strands is your kickstart to a less bumpy, more aligned future. This is perfect for someone who isn’t a healer, yet, but wants to move into that role.

If you’re already a healer or lightworker, the 24-strand DNA Restructuring is the optimal option for you. You’ll see a quantum leap in your psychic and healing abilities as you move from the 3d to 5d plane. This is perfect for someone who wants to remove any obstacles placed in the genetic code. This allows you to realize your full vision.

Be the best version of yourself with 12-24 strand DNA Restructuring.

The time is now. Greatness is in your DNA.

I had an out-of-this-world, power-packed, energy, jam session with her today, and every single things she said about my past, my present, my future, the way I think and feel… it resonated so deeply. It was like she could see right into my soul… which I know is exactly what she did! The healings, clearings and activations have opened a path to an amazing new reality for me. I can already feel it begin to unfold. Sam, you are incredible, an extraordinarily powerful healer and also…lots of fun!

Shantini Suntharajah

Pretty Smart Chick

Learn more about my Deep Transformational programs:

Up to 24 Strands DNA Activation


Up your mojo in a Galactic way! My special 12-24 Strand Sacred DNA Restructuring includes a complete clearing/repairation of your energetic code, the grounding of your energetic DNA with your physical DNA for a lifelong power boost, and a 1:1 tune-up session with me where we’ll dive-deep into what came up during the activation, what you need to know and how you can use this divine information to create a life of purpose, passion and pleasure.

Light Languages Intensive Course


Light Language Intensive Course  Learn how to speak and heal using the Language of the Stars.

The Sacred DNA Restructure Method® Course


The Sacred DNA Restructure Method® Course is available only to those who have been activated and are interested in healing and connecting their current and future clients through this particular method.

It’s a 8-9 week certification for a select number of individuals where I show you in-depth how to activate and restructure the DNA. You’ll have the opportunity to activate 2 people with my assistance, and upon completion of the course, be certified to use the Sacred DNA Restructure Method® with your clients.

My Healing Sessions & Meditations are now on Sale!! #SummerofLove

Arcturian Abundance Upgrade

Our organs can store negative feelings that keep us from our natural state of abundance. The Arcturian Abundance Upgrade clears, at a cellular level, old or frozen setpoints of abundance, and is specific to making and keeping money. Because it is an incredibly powerful tool for wealth manifestation, it’s advised to clean, clear, and align the body with the Arcturian Organ Recalibration & Healing meditation and Channeled Arcturian 5th Dimensional Template Healing.

The meditation ends with a field of energy that encompasses the body to recalibrate thoughts and feelings for creating more money.

Arcturian Organ Recalibration & Healing

Negative energy trapped within cells tend to culminate in certain organs. This meditation removes those energies and releases old ways of being that keep you ill. It’s best to promote general well-being and heal any current dis-ease you may be experiencing.

The Arcturian Organ Recalibration & Healing is my best beginner’s meditation and is recommended to use first among the meditations to promote better results with any additional meditation.

Channeled Arcturian 5th Dimensional Template Healing Recording

The Channeled Arcturian 5th Dimensional Template Healing is a more in-depth meditation that removes negative ego programming. It helps align you with the 5th dimension of happiness instead of the 3rd dimension of suffering. There is a light quotient that removes parasites and toxic energies, and you’ll receive your own crystalline light grid to call in your own healing.

This is a great addition to the Sacred Geometry Activation as it connects you to your higher-self, psychic gifts, and universal energies. It’s also best used after the Arcturian Organ Recalibration & Healing but before the Arcturian Abundance Upgrade.


11 11 Divine Feminine Global Water Grid Activation

The 11:11 Divine Feminine Global Water Grid Activation is a great meditation to balance the chakras using the divine feminine (using its universal qualities of love, compassion, acceptance, and fluidity) and call in the power of the sacred water grids all over planet.

This is a great meditation to use when you just need to relax and reset, much like taking a relaxing bath.

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My name is Samantha Bearden, and I am your Star Shaman, DNA Activatrix and Restructurista. What I do is amazing and transformative for every single person I work with, be it through meditations, activations, or teaching.

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